Types Of Drainage Solutions


When the drainage solutions & contractor arrives at your property, they’ll inspect your current drainage system for damage and blockages, and then assess the property to devise a solution specific to the characteristics of the yard. Although there are different methods they can use, they all fall under a few broad categories of solutions.


  • Surface - A surface system is used in situations where the ground simply isn’t absorbing the amount of water it’s receiving. These can include specific solutions including grading the ground, swales, rain gardens, and dry creek beds.
  • Subsurface - These systems are intended for water that is present below the surface. They include French drains, dry wells, deep swales, and catch basins.
  • Roof Load - To handle excess water from the roof new gutters and downspouts may be necessary, along with repositioning.
  • Slope - This includes grading to change the grade of the ground around your home and property to lead the water away.


It’s important to hire a professional when you’re having drainage problems assessed and solved. They’ll be aware of the local drainage rules and regulations, so water isn’t illegally redirected into a storm drain or onto a public road. They’ll also be likely to do the work right the first time so that problems don’t return in the future.


If your Waterville, OH property experiences drainage problems this spring, Waterville Irrigation has the solutions. We’ll analyze the issues and recommend the most affordable fixes. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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Spring Yard Drainage Problems And Their Solutions -Waterville Irrigationinc USA

Spring is here at last, and along with the birds and the bees and the flowers comes lots of rain. That’s great for all the living things that depend on this annual flood. It’s a mixed blessing for you when it clearly shows all the areas of your yard that aren’t properly draining. Suddenly you have lakes and swamps that weren’t on the property description when you bought it. Poor drainage is more than just a nuisance, it can lead to all sorts of bad things like damage to your home’s foundation, basement flooding and humidity, mold, root rot of your trees, shrubs, and grass, mosquito infestations and disease, and erosion of your property. Luckily, drainage problems can be solved, and it’s important that you address them right away before the damage worsens.


What Causes Yard Drainage Problems?


Most drainage issues fall into these three categories:


  • Ground Slope - The slope of your yard, and that of your neighbor, channels water into areas where it pools.
  • Gutter and downspout problems - Gutter systems are intended to move the water away from your house. If the gutters are too small to handle the rain, they’ll overflow onto the ground. Poorly positioned downspouts will allow water to collect in areas where it threatens your foundation.
  • Impermeable soil - In areas where the soil is mostly clay or it has been compacted tightly, it may not be porous enough to absorb the rainwater quickly enough to keep it from pooling in areas.

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